MaxGalleria 2.0.1 is now available via automatic update in the WordPress dashboard and its plugin repository page. This update is a minor release with a CSS tweak and setting enhancement. We recommend updating your version of MaxGalleria as soon as possible, as it’s important to always keep your WordPress plugins up-to-date.

One of our customers posted a question on the forums about upgrading to MaxGalleria 2.0, and whether or not it will be a seamless upgrade. Apparently this person has had some bad experiences from other plugins, and is naturally cautious about blindly trusting the upgrade process, especially one such as ours with significant changes. It’s understandable, so let me explain how this will work.

We have been hard at work over the last few months working on a major change to MaxGalleria. In short, MaxGalleria is changing from a single plugin into a full-blown gallery platform for WordPress. This new platform will consist of a core plugin that provides all standard gallery functionality, as well as a number of addons to enhance and extend gallery capabilities. This is a lengthy post, but well worth the read, so let’s get started.

We’ve updated again! That’s right, version 1.6.1 is out and ready for use. We’ve got a host of fixes that you guys have noted in the forums as well as a big update to how you can layout your gallery. In 1.6.1 we’ve introduced List, Row, Grid views. Watch the video below for a quick overview of how the new layouts work when editing. List, Rows and Grid With the Read More

This weekend we pushed out MaxGalleria 1.6, which is notable because it adds support for featured images for your galleries. This essentially lets you define a thumbnail that you can use to represent your gallery, and along with this, we added a new shortcode named [maxgallery_thumb] that you can use to put gallery thumbnails wherever you want.

We updated MaxGalleria this weekend to v1.5.4 which had a host of fixes that we’d been working on for a while. Below is a quick list of the updates. – Made the “Number of Media” column to be sortable in the gallery list page. – Server-side template update. – Added a couple missing _e() functions when opening a thickbox for images. – Updated Image Tiles, Image Showcase, Video Tiles, and Read More

This weekend we released a major update for anyone that has been having issues with the NextGEN importer after their update to NextGEN v2 or higher. Included in our update we: – Fixed the issue with not recognizing the newer version NextGEN Gallery plugin – Fixed the issue with NextGEN Gallery changes causing NextGEN Importer to not function properly – Removed the caption field from being used in the title Read More