Dec 07, 2020

Slick Slider WordPress: The Complete Guide on How To Guide

Slick Slider is a popular responsive jQuery carousel developed by Ken Wheeler. The Slick Slider for WordPress Addon to MaxGalleria lets you easily bring that same functionality to your WordPress site using the MaxGalleria interface. In this article, we’ll show you how to use the Slick Slider for WordPress Addon. Then, we’ll go through some common troubleshooting tips and ways you can modify the plugin’s core functionality. How To Use

Oct 15, 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Jetpack Galleries: Tiled Galleries, Widgets, and Carousels

  You can find all types of general guides to the WordPress Jetpack plugin. But what you won’t easily find is an in-depth guide to Jetpack Galleries. Despite the multifaceted improvements offered by Jetpack Galleries, most guides only give it a short mention. We’re going to change that! We’ll give you an in-depth guide to all things Jetpack Galleries, covering everything from: The various ways in which Jetpack improves on

Aug 07, 2020

How To Work More Productively With WooCommerce Images: Optimization, Folders, Plus More

You know that high-quality images play a huge role in your WooCommerce store’s success. As a result, each product and variation that you sell gets its own set of detailed images. And while that’s great for helping boost your store’s conversion rate…it can mean that an inordinate amount of your time gets spent managing images at your store. See, not only do you have to deal with optimizing and implementing

Mar 31, 2020

MaxGalleria 6.1.5 & MaxGalleria Albums 1.3.4

MaxFoundry Announces New Gallery and Album Blocks for the Gutenberg Editor MaxFoundry released MaxGalleria 6.1.5 and MaxGalleria Albums 1.3.4 today, both of which support gallery and album blocks for the Gutenberg Editor! Adding a gallery is now easier than ever. Let’s dig in:  1. Select a Block 2. Select a Gallery 3. Save and Preview The same can be done with your MaxGalleria Album and shortcodes are still available for those who prefer

Mar 10, 2020

MLFP Version 5.1.9 – Upgrade Available!

Media Library Folders Pro version 5.1.9 eliminates two recent issues: With this new release, we’ve fixed an issue with WordPress where duplicate images are added when syncing because large images are scaled and renamed. We’ve also added a notice for detecting when Javascript has been disabled in the browser. To get started, update to Media Library Folders Pro version 5.1.9. Or, if you haven’t upgraded to Media Library Folders Pro yet, grab your license and enjoy

Dec 04, 2019

Media Library Folders Pro S3 New Features: S3 Notifications & Cloud Synchronization

With its initial release, the Media Library Folders Pro S3 + Spaces add-on for Media Library Folders Pro lets you upload files to your WordPress Media Library and automatically offload them to an Amazon S3 bucket. Now, with the latest release, you can also go in the other direction with brand new features that add support for S3 notifications and cloud synchronization. That is, you can upload files directly to