Mar 18, 2018

Media Library Folder Pro Tutorials

The best way to get up to speed on specific capabilites of Media Library Folders Pro is our series of detailed written tutorials.

The first is on adding and organizing folders in WordPress Media Library.

Getting up to speed on manipulating and moving files with MLFP which is part of the core functionality of keeping everything organized.

Using Media Categories with WordPress Media Library Folders Pro. When it comes to organizing your content some people like folders and some folks like categories.  It is a matter of preference.  That’s why you can use both with MLFP.

Syncing your WML Folders with FTP Folders which is a better way to bulk upload your files than the regular interface.

We have a number of extensions to MLFP that are included with your license. We have written overview guides for some of these extensions that include directions on using them with MLFP that you can reach by clicking the links in the list below.

They include:

Of course you can see all of our articles and product announcements in our blog.