Feb 18, 2021

Media Library Folders Pro 6.1.1

Media Library Folders 6.1.1 and Media Library Folders Pro 6.1.1 Released Version 6.1.1 of Media Library Folders and Media Library Folders Pro has been released to fix various reported bugs, so please head on over to your WordPress Dashboard, under plugins and update to the latest version as soon as possible. What Quick Fixes? Media Library Folders Added JavaScript code to prevent some functions trigging twice Fixed issue with images appearing too far left

Jan 13, 2021

Additional MaxGalleria Plugin Updates for WordPress 5.6

Additional MaxGalleria Plugin Updates for WordPress 5.6 Due to an issue with changes in the jQuery files in WordPress 5.6 we’ve had to update how images, videos and galleries are recorded in MaxGalleria. In order to accomplish this, some JavaScript library files have had to be replaced. Which Plugins have been updated? MaxGalleria 6.2.1 MaxGalleria-Albums 1.3.6 In order to change the order of an image, video or gallery, it is necessary to

Jun 19, 2020

MLFP Version 5.2.3 Released with Five Improvements

Five Improvements for Media Library Folders Pro Media Library Folders Pro. Version 5.2.3 has just been released with the following improvements: Added warning about deleting the Media Library Folders Pro Reset plugin in the plugin description. Added set locale to Media Library Folders Pro Settings to fix issues with non Latin character file and folder names. With this setting, an administrator can enter and save their language’s locale and apply it