Jun 28, 2023

Media Library Folders Pro 8.1.5 with API Access

Introducing Media Library Folders Pro 8.1.5, an innovation that boldly sets the standard for WordPress Media Library solutions. With unwavering commitment to enhancement and progressive development, we continue to add new, cutting-edge features that consistently redefine excellence in this domain.

In our latest offering, we’ve introduced API endpoints, a powerful tool that facilitates seamless integration of your plugins and themes with our robust Media Library Folders Pro features. This integration offers users the capacity to leverage the full potential of their plugins and themes, creating a synergistic workflow that maximizes productivity and efficiency. For robust automated solutions you need to be able to access MLFP functionality without having to manually use the plugin.

The endpoints available in the plugin include:

  • Add a Category
  • Create a Folder
  • Delete a File
  • Delete a Folder
  • Find File ID by Name
  • Find Media File or Folder
  • Get Media Categories
  • Get Category Files
  • Get File Link
  • Get File Type
  • Get Folders Contents
  • Get Folder List
  • Get Media File Metadata
  • Get Media File Path
  • Get Number of Files in a Folder
  • Get Parent Folder by Name
  • Get Thumbnail File Sizes
  • Get Uploads Folder
  • Does Media File Exists
  • Move a File
  • Regenerate Image Thumbnails
  • Rename a File
  • Set Media Category
  • Unset Media Category
  • Add Image to MaxGalleria Gallery
  • Get MaxGalleria Galleries
  • Configure Private Link
  • Get Private Link
  • Is File Blocked
  • Set File Access

Along with these API endpoints, we are pleased to introduce our meticulously designed API Example page, an invaluable resource that elaborates on the use and parameters of each API endpoint. This dedicated page enables site administrators to execute API endpoint example code directly on their sites, offering a practical, hands-on learning experience that elucidates the power of our API integrations.

For detailing the use and parameters of each API endpoint, we added an API Example page that allows site administrators to run API endpoint example code on their sites.

Activating the Media Library Folders Pro API, along with enabling the API Example page, is a straightforward process. Simply check the ‘Enable API Access’ on the Media Library Folders Pro Settings page.

After saving the settings, you’ll notice the ‘MFLP API Example’ tab make its debut under the Media Library Folders Settings. On this tab, an endpoint can be selected from the dropdown list which will display the details about the endpoint, its description, parameters and example code. Clicking the Run Example Code button will run an example of the endpoint code. Note that the example code displayed is not the actual code that is executed and neither can it be edited. Clicking the Copy Code button will copy the example code to the clipboard.

New Get URLs Feature

We’re also thrilled to announce an additional feature incorporated in this release. We’ve now made it simple for you to view, copy, and paste media file URLs with our new ‘Get URLs’ feature, which is located under the ‘Bulk Actions’ menu.

Here’s a quick walkthrough on how to leverage this feature:

  1. Prior to selecting ‘Get URLs’ from ‘Bulk Actions’, ensure you’ve checked the boxes corresponding to one or more images displayed on the page.
  2. Next, select ‘Get URLs’ and hit the ‘Apply’ button.

3. Following this, the ‘Selected Media File URLs’ popup will be displayed.

4. Once this popup is displayed, the URLs of the selected media files will populate the popup, ready to be copied to your clipboard.

This new feature not only improves the ease of sharing and reusing media file URLs, but it also streamlines workflow, increasing your efficiency and productivity. Harness the power of our new ‘Get URLs’ feature and optimize your website management experience today.