Oct 05, 2022

Media Library Folders Pro V8

Media Library Folders, Media Library Folders Pro and S3 Version 8 is Out!

A New Version with an Improved User Interface

Earlier this year Alan and I worked with Dave Donaldson, the creative for MaxGalleria and MaxButtons, to redesign the user interface for Media Library Folders and Media Library Folders Pro. One of the challenges we had was that some of the newer (and often more useful) capabilities of our plugins where hidden away or hard to access.  So Dave took the time to break down what the plugin does and rebuild it in terms of interface and interactions.  Alan then implemented the design to create the release you can now access today, MLF Version 8 and MLFP Version 8.

Users of Media Library Folders Pro S3 should upgrade to version 1.2.2 of Media Library Folders Pro S3 which is compatible with Media Library Folders Pro 8.0.0.

We realize and understand that any major change to a user interface that you have become familiar with can be a bit of an adjustment. It is our opinion that this effort will be worth it for our users. As always we appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on our plugins.

Now a bit of an overview of what we have released. There are now tabs!

Our toolbar has been redesigned with these easy-to-use icons:

Many of our pages now also have page specific help documentation to make the whole experience easier and more user friendly.

Updated pages for Media Library Folder’s:

Updated pages for Media Library Folders Pro:

Updated pages for Media Library Folders Pro S3:

If your site/s have a large number of files, you’ll love our new setting to add an index to the post meta table to improve media library performance!

User of Media Library Folders Pro S3 will need to update to version 8 for both Media Library Folders Pro and Media Library Folders Pro S3.

You can update directly through your WordPress Dashboard under plugins. If an update is not available you’ll need to log in to your account, renew any licenses where required and then recheck for the update in WordPress.