May 28, 2024

MLFP 8.3.1 Enhanced External Media File Integration!

Media Library Folders Pro 8.3.1
Enhanced External Media File Integration!

With Media Library Folders Pro 8.3.1, you can effortlessly add external media files to your library and seamlessly post them on your website.

First, navigate to the Media Library Folders Pro Library page to add an external file. Here, you’ll find the ‘Add External Files’ icon.

Click on it to open a popup window.

In the popup window, paste the URLs of your media files, one per line, and then click the Add External Files button.

A blue border marks external files in the media library.

External media files can be inserted into posts and pages, but only using the full-size image; thumbnail images are not generated for external images.

Note: external images cannot be added to MaxGalleria galleries.

Users of MaxGalleria Pro and MaxGalleria should upgrade to versions 7.1.4 and 6.4.4 before updating to Media Library Folders Pro 8.3.1

You can update directly through your WordPress Dashboard under plugins. If an update is not available you’ll need to log in to your account, renew any licenses where required and then recheck for the update in WordPress.