MaxGalleria Albums – QuickStart



Getting Started

The Albums addon is now included with MaxGalleria Pro and no additional installations are necessary. NB: Support for our individual addons will no longer be available from the 1st May 2022.

After installing the MaxGalleria Album add-on visit your site’s Settings->Permalinks page and click the ‘Save Changes’ button to add MaxGalleria’s album template to your permalinks. Now you’ll see a new tab under the Galleries Menu called Albums. Once you’ve clicked into albums you can add new albums.

Albums were created to allow groupings of galleries, so when creating a new album, give it a name and then choose from your existing galleries that you would like to place in your album.

With the galleries selected, click “Add to Album” and your galleries will appear. If you look at your album now, you’ll see that the first image of each gallery is shown and the title is a link into the specific gallery.


Album Layout – Choose between either list or grid view. List will show a vertical list of your galleries, while grid will make a grid of the featured image and title.

Gallery Thumbnail Style – Adjusts the style of the thumbnail images for your galleries. Option includes: Borders, Stacked, Taped Corners, Tucked Corners or None.

Gallery Thumbnail Size – You can change the size of your gallery thumbnails to one of the presets: 50×50, 100×100, 150×150, 200×200 or you can create a custom size which can be adjusted in the two options below (disabled if Custom is not selected).

Gallery Titles Tag – Select the HTML element that you’d like the Gallery Titles to be wrapped in. This is a useful option if you’ve already got elements styled a certain way.

Gallery Titles Tag Custom Class – If you have a specific class you’d like to use for your titles you can add it here and style accordingly.

Gallery Descriptions Tag – Same as the Titles tag, you can select the HTML element wrapper for the description of the galleries.

Gallery Descriptions Tag Custom Class – Add a class to the description to use a particular style set.


The only option in Advanced is to reset to the default settings.

Other Options

You can also set a featured image, categorize your album or give your album a particular tag.


The shortcode for the album can be found above the featured image and has two options. Call the album by the ID or by the name.

					[maxalbum id="29"]
[maxalbum name="my-computer"]

Note: If you changes themes be sure that the new theme contains a copy of the file ‘single-maxalbum.php’ which you can find in the MaxGalleria-albums plugin folder.



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