Media Library Folders Pro S3 Addon Wow. It’s here. After several months of planning and coding today we are releasing the best way to connect your files to Amazon S3 all while using Media Library Folders Pro. The Media Library Folders Pro S3 Addon requires a Media Library Folders Pro installation and license.  It is a separate license and purchase. You can read more about how it works here and how to connect your S3 bucket Read More

The best way to get up to speed on specific capabilites of Media Library Folders Pro is our series of detailed written tutorials. The first is on adding and organizing folders in WordPress Media Library. Getting up to speed on manipulating and moving files with MLFP which is part of the core functionality of keeping everything organized. Using Media Categories with WordPress Media Library Folders Pro. When it comes to organizing your Read More

We want to get you up and running with Media Library Folders Pro. Here are the issues that we get asked about the most when installing Media Library Folders Pro. Media Library Folders Pro is a different plugin than Media Library Folders. You will want to install MLFP but before activating it you will want to deactivate MLF. Otherwise you are going to see error codes and wonder where all of Read More

Need to connect an Amazon S3 bucket to a CDN? As part of our Media Library Folders Pro S3 WordPress plugin, we recognized a need for webmasters to use a CDN with Amazon S3. To help, we’ve written tutorials for four popular CDNs: Cloudflare CloudFront Stackpath (formerly MaxCDN) KeyCDN And we’ll also explain some of the benefits of connecting S3 to a CDN, in case you’re not already convinced. By Read More

One of the biggest things we have coming will be the launch of our MLFP S3 Addon. Using Amazon S3 and a CDN is one of the best ways to manage your images.  S3 gets your files off your server and a CDN helps your users load content fast. With MLFP S3 can seamlessly manage your organized MLFP files and folders on S3. It’s everything you love about MLFP and S3 Read More

Image Showcase is an addon for the free MaxGalleria plugin that lets you create a high-resolution showcase area above your gallery thumbnails. Visitors to your gallery can click on any thumbnail in your gallery to see that image in the showcase. Check it out in action below: In addition to its core functionality, Image Showcase also comes with several skins to help you quickly change styles, as well as a Read More

Material design is a design style developed by Google that makes heavy use of design techniques like cards, grids, and lighting/shadows. With the Material Design addon for MaxGalleria, you can easily bring those same Material Design principles to any of the galleries that you create with the free MaxGalleria plugin. In this post, we’ll take you through how to get up and running with Material Design styling for your galleries, Read More

The Masonry addon for MaxGalleria helps you create Pinterest-style masonry layouts from any of your new or existing galleries created via the free MaxGalleria plugin. In this article, we’ll show you how to use the Masonry addon for MaxGalleria, as well as some common tips and troubleshooting suggestions for the addon. How To Create Pinterest-Style Masonry Galleries With MaxGalleria The Masonry addon is an extension for the free core MaxGalleria Read More

Image Carousel is an addon for the free MaxGalleria plugin that lets you display your galleries as carousels that visitors can click to rotate. While the terms “slider” and “carousel” are often used interchangeably, the two are actually different, though similar, effects. Whereas a slider actually “slides” the images vertically or horizontally with a momentum effect, a carousel rotates the image radially like an old carousel slider projector. If you’re Read More

The Media Library Folders Pro S3 Addon extends Media Library Folders Pro’s regular functionality by allowing you to copy or move your files to and from Amazon S3 while preserving the same custom folder structure that you see in the Media Library Folders Pro interface. Beyond that, you can also automatically change links in posts or pages to use files on S3 instead of your local server. And you can Read More