May 04, 2018

Media Library Folders Pro S3

Media Library Folders Pro is an addon plugin to MLFP and requires a separate license from your MLFP license which you can purchase here.  Both must be installed for it to work.

If you need help or think you need help please ask us by clicking reply to this email.

Before configuring Media Library Folders Pro S3 please backup you database and your uploads folder. We have created these helpful posts to get you started which we highly recommend that you read. 

How To Use The Media Library Folders Pro S3 Addon is especially helpful in getting yourself set up along with this video on How to Set Up MLFP S3.

There is a video on the Basic Functions of MLFP S3 and the sequel More Basic Functions of MLFP S3. Also there is Adding S3 Images to your Posts and Pages.

If you have not added a CDN to your Amazon S3 bucket this post can help you get set up with several popular CDNs.