Sep 18, 2019

Media Library Folders Pro hooks give you more control over your folders

Want even more control over Media Library Folders Pro?

We’ve tried to bake in as many interface features as possible to let you customize Media Library Folders Pro to your needs, but we know that some of you want to tinker even more.

To help, we’ve built out a brand new system of Media Library Folders Pro hooks to help you, or your developer, customize Media Library Folders Pro even further.

Through these new hooks, you now have access to 29 actions and 5 filters.

What do hooks, actions, and filters help you do?

If you’re not familiar with actions and hooks, actions help you execute code at specific times, while filters help you modify variables.

That means you’ll now be able to run your own code alongside different actions in Media Library Folders Pro – like right after uploading a file, or before renaming a file.

Or, you can modify core Media Library Folders Pro functionality with filters, like automatically moving all newly uploaded files of a certain file type to a specific folder to save time.

To help you visualize what you can do with all the actions and filters, we’ve put together 3 examples to get you started, complete with all the code you need to start using them today.

And if you want to see a full list of all the new actions and filters, check out the documentation here.