An In-Depth Guide to the WordPress Gallery

September 11, 2017

Ever wished you knew more about the core WordPress Gallery? While there are plenty of dedicated WordPress gallery plugins, the core WordPress Gallery functionality is still one of the easiest ways to add galleries to WordPress. In this post, you’ll learn everything you could ever want to know about the WordPress Gallery. By the end, you’ll know: Some history on how the current WordPress Gallery came to be How to […]

How to Sync Your WordPress Media Library With FTP Folders

August 25, 2017

You need a better way to bulk upload files to your WordPress media library than using the regular interface. FTP offers that by letting you quickly upload a bunch of files to your WordPress site… But what happens when that bulk upload hits your WordPress media library? You have a huge jumble of unsorted and unorganized files that you bulk uploaded. That’s why it helps to have WordPress media library […]

Organize your WordPress Media Library

July 12, 2017

When you have a fresh install of WordPress, finding files in your WordPress media library is easy. It’s like moving into a new apartment – everything is clean and in its right place. Then you start uploading more and more files…and suddenly you can’t find your old files in the black hole that is your unorganized WordPress media library. That’s when you need the help of a plugin to wrangle […]

Using Media Categories with WordPress Media Library Folders Pro

June 26, 2017

Today we are pleased to announce Media Library Folders Pro version 3.4.0 which includes our new categories capability for Media Library images. Up to now it required using a separate media library categories plugin to include categories with Media Library images. MLFP now lets you categorize your images. Additionally our categories feature is compatible with the Enhanced Media Library plugin which adds a taxonomy for images called ‘media_categories’. Aside from […]

Media Library Folders Pro Version 3.3.8

June 6, 2017

In our latest update accessing Media Library Folders Pro to add images to a posts and pages is done solely by clicking the Add Media button. To insert an image into a post or page, first check the box of the image or file to insert. Then click the Insert Media button, fill in the details of the file to be inserted and press the Insert button.     To create […]

Media Library Folders Pro 3.3.2

May 10, 2017

MLFP Version 3.3.2 While the version number might not catch your attention this upgrade and what it brings should.  Update your MLFP plugin today! There are three main improvements with this update. The folder interface for MLFP now appears in the WordPress Media Uploader. We have rewritten MLFP so that there are no more complete page refreshes when you open a folder or add/delete images. A big improvement in usability. When […]

Media Library Folders Pro Review

March 29, 2017

We are thankful to our users when they take time out to post ratings on our plugins. This is one we’d like to share. Just what I was looking for I use this on ALL my WordPress sites. I don’t know why you wouldn’t. It not only allows you to organize your image files in your WP site, but it also creates logical URL links to your files based on […]

Full Width Grid

March 17, 2017

Ok, we are a bit biased but we love this new layout Full Width Grid addon for MaxGalleria. Clean, modern and stunning is always a good start.  It comes with 1 hover card but we will be putting out a larger set of hover cards in a few weeks. Check out the complete list of options and features including number of columns, thumbnail shape, grid padding, and image click options […]

Media Library Pro Plus WooCommerce Product Images Support

March 1, 2017

Media Library Pro Plus Support For WooCommerce Product and Product Gallery Images So this was not on the roadmap but one of our awesome customers called and said they’d buy a bunch of stuff if we coded it.  So with yesterday’s release of version 3.2.5 MLPP supports WooCommerce Product Gallery Images. If you have entered your license in your plugin admin just click to update or click here to go to […]

best gallery plugin for WordPress no doubt!

February 22, 2017

Always nice to share with you a great MaxGalleria review. “As the title states, the best gallery plugin for WordPress. After trying a lot of alternatives (NextGen, Photo) I settled for Maxgalleria. The functions are exactly what I was looking for and the support is great! The developers are open for suggestions and feature improvements and this is the biggest plus for me. As software dev myself I like to […]

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