Nov 05, 2012

Winners of Smashing Magazine Twitter Giveaway

If you follow us and/or Smashing Magazine on Twitter, you might have seen that Smashing was doing a Twitter giveaway contest for 3 copies of MaxGalleria – Ultimate edition. It went out on Friday and ran all weekend, where people had to tweet about why they want MaxGalleria with the hashtag #smmaxgal.

Here’s the tweet from Smashing that kicked off the contest:

After many responses and retweets, Smashing randomly picked 3 winners, shown below with their winning tweets:

Congrats guys for picking up the Ultimate Edition of MaxGalleria! We’re sure you’ll enjoy building responsive image and video galleries on all your WordPress sites. And mad props to @Martin1982 for calling us out on some of our non-responsiveness on the MaxGalleria website. All issues are back to their responsive goodness :-)

Special thanks to Smashing Magazine for running the contest and to everyone else who entered. Good luck next time.