Jun 19, 2020

MLFP Version 5.2.3 Released with Five Improvements

Five Improvements for Media Library Folders Pro

Media Library Folders Pro. Version 5.2.3 has just been released with the following improvements:

  1. Added warning about deleting the Media Library Folders Pro Reset plugin in the plugin description.
  2. Added set locale to Media Library Folders Pro Settings to fix issues with non Latin character file and folder names. With this setting, an administrator can enter and save their language’s locale and apply it to the Media Library Folders Pro pages.
  3. Added user role class to the body tag which can be used to hide some MLFP UI elements with custom CSS, such as buttons, when using the Set User Access Feature.
  4. Fixed an issue with Media Library Folders Pro search function.
  5. Fixed an issue with inserting images with the Divi Builder.

To get access, update to Media Library Folders Pro version 5.2.3. Or, if you haven’t upgraded to Media Library Folders Pro yet, grab your license and enjoy the many new features.