May 04, 2018


You might still be working on setting up MLFP on your site. So we wanted to make sure you know about our S3 and Digital Ocean plugin for MLFP so you can work it into your plans.

Once you have your media library organized it is time to think about connecting it to Amazon S3.  For one it can free up a lot of server space by moving your images to S3.  For another S3 is a great place to connect to a CDN. MLFP S3 is the best way to connect your files to Amazon S3 all while using Media Library Folders Pro.

The Media Library Folders Pro S3 Addon requires a Media Library Folders Pro installation and license.  You can read more about how it works and how to connect your S3 bucket to CDNs. There is a video on the Basic Functions of MLFP S3 and the sequel More Basic Functions of MLFP S3.

You will need a license to use MLFP S3.

Always back up your data before installing and of course if you need help getting it set up or have questions just email us here.

We are very excited about the capabilities MLFPS3 brings. Give it a try!