Feb 29, 2016

Media Library Plus Graduates!

Today we launched MaxGalleria 4.27.  If you have not updated to it we recommend you do on either your Account page or from the WordPress repository. MaxGalleria will then ask you to install Media Library Plus in the plugin dashboard.  We recommend you do that too!  You can also download Media Library Plus from the WordPress repo.

Last summer we launched Media Library Plus as a better way to organize your files in the WordPress media library.  It has been a runaway success.  We appreciate your all of your feedback and especially your 5 star ratings.  All of this is very helpful for a new plugin. With the 8 releases since coded by Alan, Media Library Plus is stable and we have added several new features since launch.

When we built Media Library Plus we made it a part of MaxGalleria.  Since then we have also launched it also as its own plugin with a couple minor modifications.  As of today the Media Library Plus that installs with MaxGalleria will be the same plugin that we offer in the WordPress repo.  This version has the ability to detect the installation of MaxGalleria on your site.  After that is operates the same way as the prior version.

This minor modification allows us to do a couple things.  For one we now only make one version of Media Library Plus. Also some folks using Media Library Plus have asked for additional features that we are building for a Pro version.  These features may include the ability to add images from MLP from the editor of a post/page, insertion of an image as the preview image, integration with NextGen, and a file name only view when dealing with very large folders. If there are features you would like to see simply contact us or just reply to this email. Media Library Plus Pro will be an addon to MaxGalleria that can be purchased separately and will be included in any MaxGalleria Every Addon license.

A lot more information on the new site and the upgrades to MaxGalleria coming soon!