Apr 07, 2021

Media Library Folders Pro 6.1.3

Introducing Frontend Uploading in Media Library Folders Pro 6.1.3

Our latest release of Media Library Folders Pro includes the often-requested feature for frontend uploading! A short code allowing your signed in users to upload files to specified folders without needing to grant them access to your dashboard or media library.

The shortcode; ‘mlfp-image-file-upload’ can use three parameters:


This is a required parameter. To find your folder ID, go to the Media Library Folders Pro in your WordPress dashboard and hover your mouse over the destination folder you want to use. While hovering, take note of the link displaying in the status bar at the bottom of the page. It will look something like this:


The number after the ‘#’ is the folder ID.


 The default behavior after uploading the image will be a standard success message. If you want to show the uploaded image instead of a message, just use display_image=”1″. Note: if the file being uploaded is not an image file then using the default success message is best. If the display_image=”1″ is used, nothing will display.


You can specify which file types are allowed to be uploaded by entering the file extension with this file_types option. Each extension used must begin with a ‘.’ and they should be separated by commas, i.e. file_types=”.jpg,.png” or file_types=”.docx,.pdf”.

Short code example:

[mlfp-image-file-upload folder_id=”4516″ display_image=”1″ file_types=”.jpg,.png”]

Note: To enable this feature, you’ll have to check the ‘Enable Front End Upload’ option in the Media Library Folders Pro Settings

For security reasons, this option is only available to logged in users.

Media Library Folder Version 6.1.3

We’ve also released a few minor updates to Media Library Folders:

  • Updated Review Notice
  • Updated Upgrade to Pro Page
  • You can now set the number of files to display on the Media Library Folders page through the Media Library Folders Settings page

If you’re still using our free version but need to level up, just grab your license and enjoy!