MaxGalleria MP4 – QuickStart



Getting Started

The MP4 addon is now included with MaxGalleria Pro and no additional installations are necessary. NB: Support for our individual addons will no longer be available from the 1st May 2022.

The MaxGalleria MP4 Video feature allows you to add self hosted MP4 videos to your MaxGalleria video galleries. You will need to upload the plugin to your site and activate it.

Adding Videos

Videos and their thumbnails images will need to be first manually uploaded to the Media Library. During this process, take note of the video’s URL or address, the thumbnail image’s URL or address and the thumbnail image’s ID. The images below shows a video and a thumbnail image that have been uploaded to the Media Library:

The image below show where to find the address or URL of the MP4 file that has been uploaded to the Media Library:

The thumbnail image ID can be found by clicking on the thumbnail image in the media library and looking at browser address bar where you will see The number that you see in place of the ‘XXX’ in this example is the ID number of the thumbnail as illustrated in the image below:

With this information, open or create a video gallery.

Then click the Add Videos button:

For each video enter the following information in this format:

video URL,thumbnail URL,thumbnail id

These items should be separated by commas and there should be no spaces. Each one should be on an individual line which can wrap to the next line. Here is an example:,,587

Enter these items for each video and then click the Add to Gallery button.

The plugin will process the information and add the videos and their thumbnails to the gallery.