Feb 03, 2015

MaxGalleria 3.1 with Magnific Popup LightBoxes is Here!

Today we are pleased to ship MaxGalleria 3.1. Over the past couple of months we have been evaluating different ways to upgrade the lightbox abilities of MaxGalleria and today we’ve integrated the fantastic Magnific Popup Lightbox library by Dmitry Semenov into our core.

We think Magnific Popup’s extensive ability to create and customize responsive lightboxes lets MaxGalleria deliver the exact site experience you want.   Check out all the options!

Note: Be double sure to check out the readme file, especially if you’ve used custom comment locations.

Masonry and Watermarking Add-Ons are in the Works 

Just so you know what we’re working on next we’ve made good progress on our Masonry (Pinterest Style) template and we’re hard at work on a fully functional Watermarking Add-on.  No launch dates confirmed. Details to follow!

Slick for WordPress.  Our designers say “Wow!”

Right around the holidays we were pleased to announce and launch Slick for WorpPress.  Slick is ‘the Last Carousel You’ll Ever Need’ according to its creator Ken Wheeler.  It’s a fully responsive, touch enabled, carousel.

But “Wow” is what every single designer who’s checked it out has said.  Which is the same thing that Ken Wheeler said when he saw our complete implementation of Slick.   We think you’ll think so too.