Jan 22, 2016

New MaxGalleria Default Settings and Site Redesign

This past week we released MaxGalleria 4.23 and we recommend that you upgrade to MaxGalleria 4.23 either in your dashboard, from your MaxGalleria account page or from the MaxGalleria WordPress.org repository !

MaxGalleria Image and Video Tiles Default Settings

With Version 4.23 when you create a new WordPress Gallery the ‘Close with Escape Key Enabled’ is checked. If a viewer of your gallery is looking at an image and scrolls it off their display they can now return to the page without needing scroll back up or feeling locked in to the image by simply pressing the Esc key. We think this is a more normal and expected user experience.

Also you will find that the ‘Gallery Enabled’ check box is selected so that the default setting for a gallery includes left and right arrows. This is another usability feature we think most galleries should have more than not.

Both of these settings can be found under the Options tab. This upgrade will not change the settings for any galleries you currently have.

MaxGalleria Site Redesign

It is time for us to refresh the look and information on the MaxGalleria site. MaxGalleria has expanded quite a bit over the last year with new functionality plus layout and media source add-ons. We need a new site to better showcase what MaxGalleria can do and to make it easier for users to see what options it comes with and to get started.

Here’s the latest version of our design. This page lets you leave comments and we certainly want to hear from you!

More coming soon on Media Library Plus!


The MaxGalleria Team