May 08, 2014

MaxGalleria 2.1.0 Released

MaxGalleria 2.1.0 is now available via automatic update in the WordPress dashboard and its plugin repository page. This update contains support for YouTube videos and an improved user experience. We recommend updating your version of MaxGalleria as soon as possible, as it’s important to always keep your WordPress plugins up-to-date.

What’s New in MaxGalleria 2.1.0

  • Support for YouTube videos has been brought back into the MaxGalleria core plugin; users no longer have to rely on a separate addon. This change is directly related to user feedback.
  • The overall user experience has been improved as all gallery options have been moved into tabs in the main gallery area instead of collapsed accordions on the right side of the page. This makes gallery options much more discoverable.

Affected Addons

The following addons are affected by this release and have also been updated to reflect the core changes. If you are using any of these addons, please update them at the same time that you update MaxGalleria core:

How to Update

We suggest using the automatic update functionality in your WordPress admin to apply this release. You can also download MaxGalleria by itself and upgrade manually.

To update the addons, their update notifications will also appear in your WordPress admin, or you can download them from your MaxGalleria account and upgrade manually.