Feb 20, 2024

Introducing MaxGalleria Pro V7.0.9

Introducing MaxGalleria Pro V7.0.9:
Elevate Your Gallery Experience with our New Import/Export Functionality!

Oh, rejoice, mere mortals! MaxGalleria Pro has ascended to the highest height of greatness, giving you the extraordinary ability to export and import your precious image and video galleries to and from other WordPress sites that are also graced with the majestic presence of MaxGalleria Pro.

Behold the Simplicity of the Process:

  • Engage in the sacred ritual of creating an export file by selecting one or more of your holy galleries.
  • Descend upon the export file, like a hawk upon its prey, and download it with the utmost reverence.
  • Traverse the digital realms to another sanctified site adorned with MaxGalleria Pro and upload the export file as a token of your devotion.
  • Call forth (import) the galleries from the depths of the export file, akin to drawing water from a wellspring.
  • Examine the options of the imported galleries with a mix of awe and trepidation, ensuring to carefully review and save their sacred configurations.

Such is the grandeur of our benevolent offering.

And behold, esteemed followers, in a show of generous kindness, we have granted you the marvelous gift of French and Italian transitions to complement the revered language of Dutch. Truly, you are blessed with an abundance of linguistic richness.