MaxGalleria Image Carousel – QuickStart



Getting Started

The Image Carousel addon is now included with MaxGalleria Pro and no additional installations are necessary. NB: Support for our individual addons will no longer be available from the 1st May 2022.

After activating the Image Carousel add-on, you will now see Image Carousel as an option under templates in your galleries.

Note: The Image Carousel add-on is only for image galleries.

Adjusting Carousel Settings

Gallery Skin: Image Carousel comes packaged with a few standard skins. Currently there are, No Border, Picture Frame, Portal, Portal Dark, Standard, Standard Dark, Tightness and Tightness Dark.

Thumbnail Columns: Depending on how many images you have in your gallery you may want a different amount of columns. Image Carousel defaults to five columns, but you can choose anywhere between 1 and 10. The number of columns you select is the number of images that will be shown before you have to click to see more in the carousel. There is no limit to the amount of images you can put in this gallery.

Thumbnail Shape: Three options here with Square, Landscape and Portrait. Landscape works better with smaller numbers of columns, while portrait is nice for larger numbers.

Thumbnail Click Opens: End result of a user clicking the thumbnails in the carousel. Options are Lightbox Image, Image Page (Attachment Page), Image Link (the link you’ve set for that image) and Original Image (direct URL of image).

Thumbnail Click New Window: For all options other than Lightbox Image, this indicates where the link of the thumbnail will be opened, a new window or the same window. Unchecked it will open in the same window. (only active when lightbox is not selected)

Lightbox Captions Enabled: This indicates whether or not, when the lightbox is open, if the captions will show.

Lightbox Captions Position: Below image or Bottom of Image, you can decide where the lightbox captions will appear with your image.

Lightbox Image Size: Defaults to Full, but can be switched to a custom size if you don’t want the lightbox image to expand to its full size or the size of the page, whichever is smaller.

Lightbox Image Custom Width: Sets a custom width for the lightbox.

Lightbox Image Custom Height: Sets a custom height for the lightbox.

Gallery Description

For each gallery you can create a description that discusses your gallery or adds extra information for anyone viewing the gallery. If enabled, you can choose to put the description above or below your gallery (default is above).

Advanced Options

Image Carousel allows you to load your own styles and scripts if you want to add anything to the options already provided. Simply use the URL of the stylesheet or JavaScript file, click “Enabled” and the scripts and styles will be loaded after the necessary Image Carousel files.