Nov 13, 2012

Call for Translators

Over on our Max Foundry blog we wrote about how supporting localization is a must when releasing WordPress themes and plugins to the world. Localization is obviously very important for us with MaxGalleria because it allows us to greatly expand our reach. Naturally, we want as many people across the world to use MaxGalleria, and we can’t do that by limiting the plugin to just English-speaking customers.

German Is Already Included

To get a jumpstart, as we neared the launch for MaxGalleria, we reached out to David Decker to provide us with a German translation, and lucky for us he obliged. So now if you look at the languages folder included with the plugin, you’ll see the and maxgalleria-de_DE.po files. Pretty cool.

But We Need More, Lots More

Having two languages, English and German, part of MaxGalleria is a good start, but we need more. French, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, whatever, we want to include it in MaxGalleria. For a complete list, check out the supported languages in WordPress and the translators list for Contact Form 7. If your language is on the list, then we need your help.

Help Us Out, Get a Free Copy of MaxGalleria

If you can perform a language translation, or know of someone who can, we’re more than happy to send you a free copy of MaxGalleria once we receive the MO and PO files for the language.

Interested? Get In Touch

If this sounds like something you can do, contact us and we’ll send you the MaxGalleria POT file so you can do the translation. And like we said, once we get the MO and PO files back from you, MaxGalleria is all yours :-)