Layout Addons

Slick Slider

The Last Carousel You'll ever need!


Organize your galleries into albums

Full Width Grid

Stunning Modern Grid Layout

Image Showcase

Showcase image with thumbnails

Image Carousel

Turn your galleries into carousels


Display Images in a Masonry Grid

Video Showcase

Showcase video with thumbnails

Image Slider

Turn your galleries into sliders

Hero Sliders

Beautiful Large Image Slider

Material Design

Material Design


Protect your images

Media Sources

Media Library Folders Pro

Work Smart with Large Media Libraries

Media Library Folders PRO S3

Connect Media Library Folders to Amazon S3


Add Facebook photos to galleries


Add Instagram images to galleries


Pull In Images from your Flickr stream


Use MP4 videos in your galleries


Use Vimeo videos in your galleries

Single Addon
Every Addon

1 Full Year of Support and Upgrades

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